Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life with the Holy Spirit

Our lives are meant to be lived with the Holy Spirit. I was reading Acts 2 and as I was it occurred to me I hadn't been living with the Holy Spirit! I had been trying maintain this Christian life without the source of all life. 

My heart is excited to wake up tomorrow and breathe in the new air. A day with my God lived out integrated and whole. 

That's what it is you see. Separating any part of our lives from the influence of God is to compartmentalize. I want to make sure I'm living an integrated life. That means I will be asking Him continually what to do next. How to stand, how to walk, who to talk to, when to listen, when to speak. What to work on, how to answer my email, how to address my boss, and how to talk to my coworkers. 

Yes up until now the freedom of doing that stuff on my own seemed good but I've messed it all up. I am done trying to be self sufficient. I need my God, every hour. 

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