Monday, August 26, 2013

Doing something, anything, other than this

I get antsy sometimes. Riled up at other times. Angered into action, even. Those times are few and far between because I'm a relatively content person. Well, maybe not content, but at the least it is not in my nature to upset the status-quo. That is probably why I've worked at this job for 5 years with almost no change. That is why I've lived in Boston for going on 12 years. I just don't find compelling reasons to change my living situation very often. I am a bump on a log until the log rots away.

Today is almost no different than the last 730 "today"s that have come and gone. Probably no different than the last 3650. However, today I have read through 4 years worth of my blog posts on here and I feel different. I've gone through waves of devotion to God and waves of self-loathing. I've been super excited about the Second-coming, and super inspirational to people. Mostly I realized that I really like it when my thoughts aren't just in my head. My head is a bad place for them to remain. They require air and light and water.

I've promised in the past to post more often. I've failed in the past (I'm looking at you 2012 Dave) to post at all. You, my dear readers, like my words. Therefore, you will get my words. I'm not promising how often you will get them, but you will get them regularly, on some sort of scheduley basis.

In fact-I'll give you a topic for my next post. It'll be just a title for awhile and then one day, while you're checking your Google+ account, you'll see that title turn into a full-fledged smiling, shiny post. The world will be a better place on that day.

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