Friday, July 10, 2009

The pleasures of this life

Sometimes I want to go into a time warp and wake up married with a house and kids. Not that this sudden time warp would make me happy, but it would take out all the waiting. Also, I don't want to miss all the things that come before having kids, but you probably get my idea. Sometimes I just think "If I were older, wiser, and more patient then these problems wouldn't follow me or try to find me." The problems, I see, are here to refine me. The waiting, I see, is here to make me wiser (and older). The situations I want to skip, are meant to fill me with understanding and memories for advising my kids and my friends. The pain I want to jump over, is meant to fill me with compassion for those who can't deal with life on their own. My life is a learning experience, but sometimes it really hurts. Sometimes, it takes all I have not to want to break off and leave things alone, let raging dogs rage without me.

I will someday look back and be glad for all that God has allowed in my life. He has certainly not kept it boring!

This isn't the end, this is only the beginning. Hopefully I'll find rest along the way. What I do know is that God is my refuge and my fortress in times of trouble. God is my rock. I will lean on him and no other until the storms pass.

You may wonder why I entitled this "pleasures" when all I'm talking about is pain. Well it's ironic.


Blaire said...

Hey Dave saw this on facebook, okay it seriously sounds like you are reading my journal with this post.

Dave said...

Well, we're going through the same fun, maybe we're just similar people.