Wednesday, January 2, 2008

State of mind

I'm currently in an odd state of mind. To the point where I'm wondering exactly where I'll be, in terms of mind state, tomorrow. I don't want this feeling of euphoria and wonder to end. I know that if I go to bed it will all be different in the morning. If I don't go to bed, well it will be different in the morning too, because quite frankly I can't keep this going forever. However, I think there will be some change even if I do lose consciousness and awake again. I think something new will emerge. I think I understand now why my brother went through a stage of almost sheer insanity not too long ago. It was because he started to think about the world to the point where everything became understandable, everything was knowable, everything had a point and a meaning. Not to say that that can't be true in the ultimate sense, in the sense that God knows all those things. But for us humans, well, we have a state of being that keeps us from knowing and understanding everything. We are left here with a sliver of consciousness to find the meaning that God placed us here on earth for. Knowing and understanding everything can cause insanity, because having the answers to everything keeps you from accepting the possibility that you might be wrong. It can cause you to go in circles encompassing all theories into your theory until there's no more room for anyone else to come in and provide an answer, or even the truth.

This post is thus far devoid of spiritual benefit to anyone reading, but I think that's alright. What I think I want to write here is this, that life is amazing, that God is everywhere, that Jesus was super intelligent in every sense, and that the world is our canvas.

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