Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The nature of reality

One day I learned that the relative size of the nucleus of an atom to it's electrons is huge. There's a ton of empty space between the center and the electron cloud floating around it's outer edge. If an atom were the size of a stadium the nucleus would be a small marble in the center of it. If it were the size of the earth an electron would be less than 10 cm in size.

Now since we and everything around us are made up of atoms, if you were smaller than an electron you would pretty much be passing through empty space, all the time.

The next thing that kind of hits me after I start thinking about this is that matter is essentially compressed energy. Because of Einstein we know that E = mc^2. If you do some algebra you get m = E/c^2 or Mass = energy divided by the squared speed of light! So to me that means that matter is just energy or light slowed down by a factor of 186,000 miles per hour, squared or 34.6 billion times.

This might all be completely bogus but think about it a little, if God made light, then he could make solid stuff out of it.

So this gets me to the point that freaks me out. We're all just floating around on pretty much nothing. The only reason we don't fall through the floor or pass through objects is because everything around us is the same size as us and so we bump into it. We can open doors, walk on the ground, stay on the earth, touch people, all because of interacting electron clouds! We're basically floating around in and made up of solid light/energy/waves. Stuff that's slowed down enough to bump into other stuff.

If God hadn't congealed all this light we wouldn't have been able to interact with each other. We wouldn't be able to talk to anyone, or see anything, or move around.

The implications of this are amazing. We have been given the gift of a world that can be manipulated by the thoughts and actions we take for granted. With this matter around us that is basically nothing but clumps of light, we have an entire lifetime to use it for how God wants us to. There's no way we would exist without him, we too are made of nothing but this dust he formed. So what better way to thank him than honoring his will in being kind to one another, for we are here today and gone tomorrow.

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Mike Rizzio said...

Nice post...
I have a concerns
God being with us (Emmanuel). In the Catholic faith the E equates to the Eucharist which also known as Divine Action (Gk: energeia) in the Eastern Church. Mass, the gathering for and execution of the memorial of the Last Supper/Crucifixion requires the real presence of the Holy Spirit, the shekinah cloud of the Old Testament and the priest's words of institution/consecration. Two times (c x c) the light of the Holy Spirit moves the the elements of mass to convert (a conversion constant, a given fact) the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity. It is a near perfect analogy, a glove fitting the hand of God.

The WWII's Trinity Project brought atomic energy, mass destruction and death to the world.

The Mass and Holy Eucharist is also a Trinity Project but one of mass construction, building up the Body of Christ that brings Eternal Life.

Trying to get others to see this has been very difficult.

Maybe you can help.

If you have a few minutes please go to the following sites and see what I have been compelled to work on since 2004.

I will attempt to answer any questions concerning the content of the work, for which I have amassed a significant amount of support through research.

Mike Rizzio, SOLT